Process of extracting and preparing deer nerve growth factor (DEER NGF)

鹿茸神经生长因子(deer ngf)提取及其制备方法


本发明涉及由鹿茸提取神经生长因子(DEER NGF)的方法,其包括对鹿茸浸提液进行一步阳离子交换层析和阶段梯度洗脱。另外,本发明还涉及由该方法制备的富含神经生长因子的鹿茸提取物以及该鹿茸提取物在药品、食品和保健品等方面的应用。
The present invention relates to process of extracting nerve growth factor (Deer NGF) from pilose antler. The process includes the further cation exchanging chromatography on pilose antler extracting liquid and the stepped gradient elution. In addition, the present invention also relates to the pilose antler extract rich in the nerve growth factor and the application of the pilose antler extract in medicine, food, health product, etc.




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