Battery management system with field-effect tube breakdown detection function



The invention relates to a battery management system with a field-effect tube breakdown detection function. The system solves the problems that in the prior art, a battery is damaged due to the fact that a power switch tube of a battery management system is prone to being broken down, and the battery management system takes no processing measures after protection failure. The system comprises a battery pack, a switch module, a sampling resistor, a power management module, a center processing module, a single voltage collection port module, a single voltage collection IC module and a warning module. The battery management system has the advantages that the field-effect tube breakdown detection function is achieved, abnormal situations of the control switch module can be detected in time, the system has the warning module and can send out a warning in time so that a user can be reminded of maintaining the switch module in time, the situation that the battery pack continues to be used after being out of control and accordingly maintenance is needed is avoided, and besides, further protection processing can be carried out on the failed control switch module and accordingly the battery is protected.




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