Recording device for upper limp tremor during sleeping



The invention discloses a recording device for upper limp tremor during sleeping. The device comprises a sensor unit and a collecting box, wherein the sensor unit comprises nine-axis sensors connected with finger tips or forearm muscles of a patient respectively and a surface electromyography electrode pasted on the surface of the forearm muscles; the collecting box is provided with a movement collecting module and a electromyography collecting module in the inner, the movement collecting module is connected with the nine-axis sensors through cables, the electromyography collecting module is connected with the surface electromyography electrode, the movement collecting module and the electromyography collecting module are connected with a single chip microcomputer and transmits data to a terminal device through a first wireless transmission module connected with the single chip microcomputer. The recording device for human upper limp tremor during sleeping adopts a method of combining surface electromyography (sEMG) and motion state to evaluate the sleeping classical symptom limp tremor of patients to form an objective standard, evaluates movement statues of patients through nine-axis sensors, and acquires corresponding movement data by data combination, and thereby the result is objective and reliable.




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