Fluorescence probe and preparation method thereof, and detection method for oxytetracycline in milk



The invention discloses a fluorescence probe and a preparation method thereof, and a detection method for oxytetracycline in milk. The fluorescence probe is composed of carbon dots, which are subjected to phenol hydroxylation on surfaces and are synthesized by tannin acid as a carbon source, and Fe<3+> in an Fe<3+> solution. The detection method comprises the following steps: respectively detecting fluorescence intensities of the fluorescence probe before and after an occrycetin standard solution is added; building a linear formula according to the ratio value of the fluorescence intensities of the fluorescence probe before and after the occrycetin standard solution is added, and the concentration of oxytetracycline; detecting the fluorescence intensities of the probe before and after milk is added under the same condition; and calculating the specific content of the oxytetracycline in the milk according to the linear formula.




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