Illuminance-controllable edible fungus incubator


  • Inventors: SONG TAILIANG
  • Assignees: 宋泰良
  • Publication Date: April 08, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104488555-A


The invention discloses an illuminance-controllable edible fungus incubator which comprises an incubator, wherein grooves are formed in the two sides of the upper outer wall of the incubator; sliding blocks are arranged in the grooves, and are connected with connecting rods which are connected with a shading plate; driving rods are also arranged on the sliding blocks, and are connected with motors. According to the incubator, the problem of influence on the growth and development of edible fungi due to the requirements of different edible fungi on different illuminance and different illumination time is solved; moreover, the incubator is simple and practical in structure, and has high market popularization value.




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