Slitting saw disc grinder



The invention provides a slitting saw disc grinder. A slitting saw disc support portion and a grinding base are rotationally connected into a whole, a slitting saw disc can be mounted on the slitting saw disc support portion, the grinding base is used for grinding the slitting saw disc, and operation and use are facilitated; by the component position relationship between the slitting saw disc support portion and the grinding base, angular deviation of grinding can be avoided better, reliability in grinding is guaranteed; positions of grinding grooves of grinding units on the grinding base can be checked and calibrated so as to assist in avoiding angular misalignment of grinding of the grinding units for the slitting saw disc, grinding angles of sawtooth cutting edges are well guaranteed, sawteeth are less prone to breaking, better grinding effect can be obtained, and a reliable equipment implementation scheme is provided for solving the problems of complex operation of manual grinding, poor grinding angles of the sawtooth cutting edges, easiness in causing sawtooth breakage and the like.




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