High-precision and strong-power hydraulic machine



The invention discloses a high-precision and strong-power hydraulic machine and belongs to the technical field of hydraulic equipment. The high-precision and strong-power hydraulic machine comprises a rack body, wherein the middle part of the rack body is a working region; a hydraulic cylinder is arranged above the working region; a hydraulic station is arranged at the rear part of the rack body; the hydraulic station and the hydraulic cylinder are communicated with a liquid supplying station; an electric control cabinet is arranged at the front part of the rack body; the electric control cabinet is connected with the hydraulic station and is used for controlling the hydraulic station. The high-precision and strong-power hydraulic machine disclosed by the invention has a simple structure, and is simple and convenient to operate, and convenient and rapid to transport and use; the hydraulic cylinder, the liquid supplying station and the control cabinet are integrated so that the hydraulic machine has a compact structure, a small volume and a small occupied area and is suitable for factories located on upstairs; the production and arrangement of a flow line are facilitated.




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