Composite microbial inoculant for controlling plant continuous-cropping diseases and preparation method and application thereof



本申请提供一种防治植物重茬病害的复合菌剂,该复合菌剂包含哈茨木霉、枯草芽孢杆菌和粉红粘帚霉,还包含解磷菌和解钾菌,所述哈茨木霉的菌株保藏编号是CGMCC NO.7861,所述枯草芽孢杆菌菌株的保藏号为CGMCC NO.7850,所述粉红粘帚霉的菌株保藏编号是CGMCC NO.9008。本申请还提供复合菌剂的制备方法及其应用。本发明的复合菌剂选用防病木霉菌、枯草芽孢杆菌、粉红粘帚霉、解磷菌、解钾菌等高效菌株,能够促进作物生长、提高肥料利用率,增强抗病等抗逆性和改善作物品质等功效,能够防治根腐病、枯黄萎病、立枯病、灰霉病、疫病、白粉病、菌核病、苗期猝倒病等病害。 CGMCC NO.9008 20140402 CGMCC NO.7861 20130703 CGMCC NO. 7850 20130703
The invention provides a composite microbial inoculant for controlling plant continuous-cropping diseases, which comprises trichoderma harzianum, bacillus subtilis, and gliocladium roseum, and also comprises phosphate-solubilizing bacteria and potassium-solubilizing bacteria; the accession number of the trichoderma harzianum strain is CGMCC NO. 7861; the accession number of the bacillus subtilis strain is CGMCC NO. 7850; the accession number of the gliocladium roseum strain is CGMCC NO. 9008. The invention also provides a preparation method and an application of the composite microbial inoculant. Through the selection of high-efficient bacterial strains such as disease-preventing trichoderma, bacillus subtilis, gliocladium roseum, phosphate-solubilizing bacteria and potassium-solubilizing bacteria, the composite microbial inoculant of the invention promotes the growth of crops, improves the utilization rate of fertilizers, enhances the stress resistance such as disease resistance and the like, improves the quality of crops, and can control diseases such as root rot, verticillium wilt, damping off, botrytis, epidemic diseases, powdery mildew, sclerotinia rot, seedling-stage damping off, and the like.




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