Process and system for reducing particle content after flue gas desulfurization



The invention provides a process and a system for reducing particle content after flue gas desulfurization. The system comprises a desulfurization tower and a second slurry pond; a first slurry pond is arranged at the bottom of the desulfurization tower; a flue gas inlet is formed in the lower part of the desulfurization tower; a desulfurization stage which is divided into at least two sections is positioned in the desulfurization tower and above the flue gas inlet; the front desulfurization stage section in contact with the flue gas is connected to a first slurry pond through a circulating pump at the first section, and the last desulfurization stage section is connected with the second slurry pond through the circulating pump at the second section; a first defogging device is arranged above the desulfurization stage and connected with a spray section; the spray section is connected with a second defogging device, and a flue gas outlet is formed in the upper part of the second defogging device. The system further comprises a third slurry pond which is connected with the spray section through a third circulating pump. The system is simple in structure; the engineering cost cannot be excessively increased in a new project or a reconstruction project; the content of fine particles in the exhausted flue gas can be obviously decreased, and thus the pollution of the desulfurization system to the surrounding environment can be avoided.




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