Outer-ring-rotatable official seal and encryption method thereof



The invention relates to an outer-ring-rotatable official seal and an encryption method thereof. The outer-ring-rotatable official seal comprises a shell and a base, a groove is arranged in the bottom of the shell, the base is inserted in the groove, the top of the base is fastened and connected to the shell through a screw, a cavity is formed between the groove and the base, an electric drive mechanism is arranged in the cavity, and the bottom of the electric drive mechanism is provided with a rotary mechanism; the bottom of the shell is provided with an outer ring around the outside of the base, and the rotating mechanism penetrates the bottom of the base to be connected with the outer ring; serial code marks are arranged between the inner edge of the bottom of the outer ring and the outer edge of the bottom of the base. The outer-ring-rotatable official seal has the advantages that the official seal has encryption effect, cannot be counterfeited at will, can rotate by a certain angle according to partial content of a file to generate different encrypted data, can be directly stamped on the file, can be prevented from being printed privately and duplicated, and can be effectively bound with the file to prevent the file from being falsified.




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