Radiation neutralizing film for electronic product and preparation method for radiation neutralizing film



The invention discloses a radiation neutralizing film for an electronic product and a preparation method for the radiation neutralizing film. The radiation neutralizing film is obtained by coating the surface of a base film with a radiation neutralizing solution; the radiation neutralizing solution comprises the following components by volume percent: 7-12% of isopropanol, 13-17% of silicone oil, 8-11% of ethyl orthosilicate, 8-11% of dimethyldiethoxysilane, 8-11% of nitric acid and 40-60% of water; in addition, the radiation neutralizing solution also comprises the following components by concentration: 1-5 g/L of potassium ferrate, 2-8 g/L of zinc oxide, 5-10 g/L of a copper ion source, 5-10 g/L of silver oxide, 10-30 g/L of negative ion powder and 10-30 g/L of far-infrared powder. Compared with the prior art, the radiation neutralizing film not only can prolong the battery time of the electronic product but also effectively neutralizes radiative waves to reduce injury on a human body.




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