Evaluation system and evaluation method for deformation monitoring safety



The invention discloses an evaluation system and an evaluation method for deformation monitoring safety based on MIMUs. The MIMUs which are used as monitoring pitch points are structured by MEME accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and thermometers and are arranged on a bionic spider network which is structured by electric optical fiber cables, the electric optical fiber cables are used for supplying electric power and transferring a data, a WIFI module is used for transferring the data in an emergency, and an integrated data processing device is used for processing the data and evaluating the safety. When the effect of a temperature is considered, the deformation can cause a data change, and through the variation degree of the data, the deformation degree is evaluated. Besides, through calculating a second-order central moment of a monitoring data, normalized deformation degree evaluation is performed, and the safety level is evaluated in a real-time manner. The deformation monitoring safety evaluation system is easy to realize, high in reliability and more accurate.




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