Automatic server deployment method based on PXE (pre-boot execution environment)



The invention discloses an automatic server deployment method based on a PXE (pre-boot execution environment). The deployment method comprises the following steps: starting a PXE client side from the PXE, configuring protocol DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) information, sending a client side identifier pre-stored in the PXE client side to a PXE server; according to the client side identifier of the PXE client side, distributing the corresponding configuration information to the PXE client side through the PXE server, so that the PXE client side can download a PXE bootstrap program according to the client end IP (internet protocol) in the configuration information and address of the PXE bootstrap program; completing PXE installation and configuration through the PXE bootstrap program. Compared with the prior art, the automatic server deployment method has the characteristics of being reasonable in design, simple and convenient to operate, can improve the efficiency of identifying the PXE client side through the PXE server, saves the operation time, improves the working efficiency, relieves the workload of deployment staff and reduces the labor intensity.
本发明公开了一种基于PXE的服务器自动化部署方法,该部署方法如下:预启动执行环境PXE 客户端从PXE启动,配置协议DHCP消息,将该PXE客户端预存的客户端标识发送至PXE服务器,PXE服务器根据该PXE客户端的客户端标识,为该PXE客户端分配相应的配置信息,从而使得该PXE客户端能够根据该配置信息中的PXE客户端的客户端IP和PXE引导程序的地址下载PXE引导程序,并通过PXE引导程序完成PXE安装和配置。本发明的一种基于PXE的服务器自动化部署方法和现有技术相比,具有设计合理、操作简单方便的特点,能够提升PXE 服务器识别PXE 客户端的效率,节约操作时间,提高工作效率,减轻部署人员的工作量,降低劳动强度。




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